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"Excellent new band throwing themselves at the music scene! If their live show is anything like the rehearsal room, then you are in for a treat!!"


- That Vibe Promotions -

Crisis Averted are an up and coming 5-piece female-fronted electric rock band hailing from Hampshire. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Muse; heavy beats, driving riffs and crazy vocals are what they aim to deliver. In their very short life, Crisis Averted already have 3 studio singles released with a third coming in 2020, headlined the Electric Soup stage at Basingstoke’s B Love Festival 2019 and secured a Main Stage slot at 2020's festival, and are working on their debut album. Looking to get on the radar of local venues and promotors this is a band not to miss.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 130135.png


Joining us from Sincerely Yours, Tyson is an established slayer when it comes to the guitar. His background of extreme brutal metal contributes to Crisis Averted's unique mix of style. His seemingly infinite level of energy comes from a lethal mix of beer, energy drinks and pretty much any consumables he can get his claws on.

"What I enjoy most about Crisis Averted is that I can be myself; my crazy hyper-active self. I feel right at home here." - Tyson




Adam is the man behind the fingers on the keys. Before joining Crisis Averted, Adam was the pianist in his former band B Yellow. Stepping away from the banjos and towards the synth this represents the biggest change in his music career. His sci-fi sounds and samples give Crisis Averted's music that extra bit of edge that guitars alone wont achieve. When it all gels together something truly special happens. 

"Being in this band and working with this fantastic group of people has been an amazing experience. It's so much fun to just let my creativity go wild, and I've made some lifelong friends in the process. Hoping for a long and rewarding journey with Crisis Averted." - Adam



Last but not least: Hidden at the back of the stage yet by far the loudest of the bunch, Matt is responsible for smashing away on the drums and keeping the rest of the guys in check. He may be the oldest but by god he's full of energy. Coming to us from Basingstoke's very-own STUP!D, Matt brings with him a wealth of experience which he puts to very good use. 

"Wicked fun and an awesome group of musicians. However, I have to admit it makes me physically sick how young they all are! The little pricks xxx " - Matt

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